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Follow Our Road Trip to WA

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Follow our route our road trip from Bowral to WA and back again. Mike is doing the drive over on his own and then we will meet up in Perth and start our trip through the Margaret River, down through Augusta, Albany, Esperance and yes, we might have to do some wine tasting in the Barossa too.

Mike ready to head off to WA

Starting on the 29th October you will be able to view our route below and on the link below if you are accessing this page from a mobile device - click here.

Thanks to everyone who have been giving us advice and ideas for the trip. It's a lovely community of self drivers out there. We look forward to sharing our experience and tips for others who are yet to visit this area.

Monday 29 October 2018:

The weeks of planning and preparing came down to the last few tasks on the "to do list". Now the Troopy and trailer are packed, farewells have been said to the dog (and yes, he did give me a kiss and hug goodbye too) and Mike is on his way to to Western Australia. I'll meet him in Perth in around 11 days time.

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