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Next Pin: Hill tribes of Vietnam by 4x4 Jeep

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

A really tough part of my job as co-owner of Self Drive Adventures is that I get to trial new tagalong self drive trips around the world. The next one is traveling by Jeep north of Hanoi into the hill tribes and through Sapa. Click here for the full itinerary and details.

Here's what we will be driving - they look super comfy don't they? Air conditioning, power windows, super stereo system....not... As usual we have not promoted this as a holiday, but as an adventure.

There is a nice bit of luxury at the start though, we will stay on board what looks like quite a "schmick junk" when we cruise around Ha Long Bay. Then it will be back to 3-start hotels and home stays.

Really looking forward to seeing more when we go on this trip in September 2019.

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