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Retracing my steps 40 years later in WA

In a recent post I described the travel journals that my sister and I wrote as we explored around Australia for 4 months in 1978 in the campervan my handy Dad built in our back yard in Queensland.

That's me at aged 2 with Julie the very pregnant Labby and the camper that dad built in 1971 and we traveled around Australia in 1978

I'd really forgotten about those journals until my husband, Mike, started to plan a trip for us to the area below Perth in WA including the Margaret River, Esperance, Albany and crossing the Nullabor Plain. Dad still was holding on to them 40 years later, along with a slide carousel of photos we took during the journey. He's since digitized the slides for me and it will be interesting to see what's changed since I saw this part of Australia when I was 9 years old.

Not sure if we will make it to "Rotto" Rosttnest Island this trip, but this is what it looked like in 1978.

We will be heading off in November 2018 for 1 month and doing it real "grey nomad" style with the Troopy towing a camper trailer (which I like to call the Tardis - can't believe how much room there is in there...its more luxury that I am used to as far as camping goes).

Looking forward to the first self drive adventure Mike and I have had together and retracing my steps from 1978.

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